Finnish Air Pollution Prevention Society (FAPPS) is a non-profit NGO with a mission to promote cleaner air founded in 1976. FAPPS promotes independent, interest-free, science based knowledge on air pollution and climate issues, to support policy making and facilitating communication between stakeholders.

FAPPS actively follows the technical, scientific, administrational and regulatory development related to air pollution prevention, and promotes the development of the professional skills of the people working in the field or air pollution and climate change issues through publications. The society also organizes professional and educational seminars and excursions in Finland and abroad.

The scope includes all relevant areas of air pollution prevention from emissions to concentrations through to impacts and mitigation measures, as well as policies. FAPPS has also conducted projects and given statements on air pollution and climate policy issues.

FAPPS organizes and hosts two major annual events:

  1. The national congress on air pollution prevention and climate issues which is held in August. The event steadily gathers around 150 national experts from government, research, industry and business.
  2. The national meeting on air pollutant and GHG measurements is held every spring. Around 50 national experts from consultancy, industry, government and research attend each year.


Four times a year FAPPS publishes a professional magazine in which invited experts write about current issues in the fields of air pollution and climate. A book was published reviewing the history of the Finnish air pollution prevention work and FAPPS in 2006.


FAPPS is managed by a board and a secretary. The board nominates working groups that are responsible for specific tasks, e.g. planning and executing the events. Major stakeholders (e.g. governmental research institutes, academia and energy industry) are represented in the board. FAPPS is a member of the International Union of Air Pollution Prevention Associations as well as the European Federation of Clean Air. In 1995 FAPPS hosted the global conference of IUAPPA.

Study tours

FAPPS organizes one study tour on an annual basis.

In 2020 a domestic study tour was re-scheduled to the year 2021 due to COVID-19 epidemic situation.
In 2019 FAPPS traveled to Oslo where we explored the climate and air quality actions of City of Oslo and heard about the Norway’s transition towards electric vehicles and transportation. We also had a tour to emission-free construction areas in urban and port areas.
In 2018 our excursion was to Hyytiälä forest research station where we learned about air quality research at the SMEARII-station.
In 2017 the study tour took us to Italy to learn about air quality monitoring in the Veneto region. We visited ARPAV, who is the local authority in air pollution as well as the Scrovengi chapel.
In 2016 the study tour took us to Vaasa energycluster where we had the opportunity to visit Westenergy’s incinerator plant and hear about the city’s sustainability plans.
In 2015 the topic of the tour was air quality and measurements in Stockholm. During the visit FAPPS met with the local air pollution society.
In 2014 the study tour took FAPPS to Estonia where we visited the Estonian Environment Agency, an incinerator plant and a soviet submarine base.
In 2013 FAPPS organized a visit to Paris (Visits to IEA (International Energy Association), Airparif, Apur, CITEPA (The Interprofessional Technical Centre for Studies on Air Pollution), Environement S.A).
In 2012 FAPPS had a study tour in Finland and visited a Wind park in Pori and Nuclear Power Plant (TVO) in Eurajoki.
In 2011 we visited the City of St. Petersburg (The city authorities dealing with air quality and the new power plant using gas).

For more information please contact the secretary either by email at or by phone at +358 45 133 5989.